Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grade 5 Plans 1

I'm going to start planning here for the next school year.   

First my 5th grader:

Kolbe Academy

  1. Religion
  2. Reading
  3.  Phonics
  4.  Grammar
  5.  Vocabulary and Spelling
  6. History
  7. Geography
  8. Math
  9.  Science
  10. Latin
Memoria Press Grade 4

  •  Latin
  • Literature
  • Biography
  • Christian Studies
  • Composition
  • Geography
  • United States
  • Nature Study
  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
Resources of Interest

Ray's Arithemetic (free online)
Directions:  Start with Intellectual and move through for review and drill purposes
Harcourt Science Grade 5 (used by Kolbe)

Life of Fred
Definitely not free.  But basically, math readers that pack in a lot of content and cleverness.

Memoria Press uses Rod and Staff for spelling and math. 


The Young Catholic's Illustrated Speller
phonetic approach
Wheeler's Elementary Speller
I like this one because it includes some poems to memorize
Christian Brother Graded Speller for Grades 4-6
This is not phonetic, but arranged by topic.  Dictation exercises included.
Wheeler's Graded Study of Great Authors
contains copywork from excellent literature, arranged by phonetic rule.

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